Finding Love: Begins with the Breathe of Life

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Thanks for another useful and insightful post. I agree with many of the facts you mentioned…”Body weight is largely a reflection of one’s culture, [socioeconomic and] marital status, life stage, and ethnicity.”, not to forget lifestyle, diet, breathing and the metabolism that goes with it. There’s a form of yoga called Pranayama or Yogic Breathing which emphasizes the regulation of breath to ‘control the Life force’ or ‘breathe of Life’ . Practitioners and instructors of yoga do guide on breathing while exercising but it’s a vital art that can really transform both the body and the spiritual core within the soul. The way we inhale and exhale both the depth and the frequency dictate how many calories we manage to burn and our energy levels. Through control and practice it’s possible to manipulate and regulate this depending on our daily needs. People develop bad habits or restrained breathing patterns and this coupled with the wrong diet, bad food groups and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to being over weight, unhealthy and eventually a state of mind and self awareness that goes with this image. Your right in saying you can start with your mind and work backwards to being a healthy soul in a healthy body. Many people have successfully done this and transformed themselves with a positive mental outlook, a healthier life style, good habits and a new attitude that have long lasting and sustained results.

And yes,
“We only find a couple true friends (and hopefully one soulmate) in a lifetime, and these are the people who will look past the vehicle of our soul. Some people drive a Ferrari, while others find themselves in a Volkswagen bus, but it shouldn’t really matter as long as it gets you where you’re going. Ask yourself, is it your body that’s weighing your love life down, or that chip on your shoulder?

This vehicle for the soul that you speak of gives us an opportunity to make a spiritual progression. If we take care of it like the gift that it was meant to be and not abuse it, the window for achieving these spiritual goals will stay open and life will surely come knocking on your door with its many processes. The truth is intangible and has both spiritual qualities and governs all things material including our bodies. Realizing it allows us to look above and beyond the bounds of our five senses, mind, intelligence and spirit to higher things such as LOVE and PEACE that are more worthy of our energy and efforts.

Perfection is not a necessity its a driving force that leads us to these higher truths. What might be the right levels of perfection varies from person to person based on their individual and unique purpose or goals in life. So again you’re spot on when you say,

Fake it until you make it.

Fall in love with yourself.

Relax, it’s time to have fun.

Thin, slim, medium, hefty or fat, we’re only human and we all make mistakes cause the true prize is in the lessons we learn. I’m in love with the lessons and its many teachers esp. my soul mate ;) So Life truly is one long joyride when we find that elusive balance within ourselves and start living this adventure to the fullest.

Love, Blessings & Peace to Y’all.
Have a wonderful week.
-Jai :)