Love is an Eternal River

This is a response to an interesting question I came across today, 

Does love like sadness have a beginning, like the edge of time, no end?
~ Posted by my friend Catherine Nathalie Delaloye.

Thank You for this question dear friend, there is nothing more refreshing and inspiring to the mind, heart and Soul like Love.
                 Love is eternal, an endless river that flows beyond time. Love both feeds and transcends all.... thoughts, ideas, creation, time, distance, karma, distractions, pleasures, faces and places. It is like the rain that showers all souls from the heavens above, some are nourished by it yet others will eventually do so in time. Everything else all virtues, beings and worlds are strung upon it, like beads that hang from a necklace. 

                Sadness isn't the absence of Love it is a deep and innate sense of awareness that cuts through the illusion which keeps us blind to Love. Sadness is a deeper emotion, like guilt or remorse, it is like a deep yearning from within; it is something that has its purpose and place in time. Like all other imaginable things of meaning, virtue and value, Love is something more glorious, lustrous and valuable than all the treasures in all of existence. We are all capable of both giving and receiving, this all sustaining Spiritual currency. You can Love the Earth, Love all life, all of humanity, trees, animals, creatures both big and small, books, thoughts, ideas and inanimate things that no one cares about. Love is blind to the illusions and imagined differences that separate and divide us. The Spirit of Love illuminates like a lamp that brings to light all knowledge, it showers itself upon all its children equally. We would do well to walk in Love's footsteps, along this path by celebrating the equanimity that is germane to all Love. The most difficult and most beautiful instance of Love is to give that warmth in your heart to the very things that repulse you. Again, I call it unconditional equanimity, kindness, affection and Love. It is said 'Love your enemies...' . Do it every single day you live and I guarantee you that from their Souls to yours it will always flow back to you as a blessing that was willed and decreed from above.

              On a personal note I’ve come to realize the greatness of Love. I’ve come to understand the importance of Loving unconditionally. There is no greater religion, rule or Truth than the endless debt to Love one another as we Love ourselves. We are not alone here, all life, the open skies, the stars above and the Earth in all her glory are here with us, in this moment to share with us, Love us and strengthen us as we discover and heal are deepest bond with the source, that wonderful heart, an eternal fountain from where all Love flows endlessly and unconditionally.

                     I’d like to thank Catherine for her profound and wonderful question. Love is endless. It was always there. The illusions that blind us have a beginning and most certainly will be faced with an end, but Love will carry on. Every Soul in every heart, beats in its own sweet rhythm, asking to find and be guided back to its home in Love. Love is the answer to Love, everything else is brought to life and existence by the knowledge and the power that is Love.

May you all be blessed with the unparalleled Abundance that is Love.

Best Wishes & Regards,
Jai Krishna Ponnappan :)