It's not for the beauty, the vanity, the worldly delights or the obvious superficiality.... but madly, deeply and profoundly for the most admirable and lovable virtues that come to light and glory from deep within another Soul. Such is the intelligence, the intensity and the purity of Love. You can not play with it. Love is no game, it cares little for the follies of your perishable flesh. Your existence is defined by what it depends on. Love gives so much and takes ever so little. A Love so true, so content, so pure and eternal is born between what dwells within and between my heart and yours. The intelligence of Love is ineffable but you can still experience its Truth somewhere in the depths of your Soul, in that special place within the intelligence that governs your heart. The truth in  my words will be the Love and the sweetness inside you. Love delivers those who wait to have it sanctified deep inside that sacred and special place within their hearts. 
This is a short message inspired by an article I read this morning. I've been writing about this subject for the last 2 years. It has come off like a plague that torments the very nature of Love ....I hope that someday men will learn to understand and distinguish between the Spirit and the flesh....between Love and Lust. I hope that someday the Lord will rid them of their Spiritual blindness. Love is so much more than a mere virtue but it can transform, transmute and become a virtue that truly captivates, captures and holds still the joy in your heart. Once you find it, don't let go of it, no matter what! Let it feed and be the Life and the bliss within you. Love is the most beautiful thing this existence will ever know, like how a child knows its mother. It's not a sin to have a heart, it's not a crime to go to a place that feels like eternity.
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P.S ~ Soul mates part ways when one decides to trust a stained and tainted deck of tarots. Love is not lost between the traps ensnared by the damned Souls among the dead or those forsaken ones who are haunted by it....I have been scorned since I was a child, saith Love....this world is burdened by those who dislike my ways and my Love. Selah. Yes, Moses did see a face, and your Soul hides in fear from  it. Love will bring us both together. My patience is endless and eternal, saith Love. My dear Angel of Love, you are alone today, but fear not, my flesh and my blood will honor  you with  its strength, for it seeks no other, it seeks the Truth in Love............  

~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan