Love is a Song Only Your Heart Can Hear.

“There are four questions of value in life... What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love.” - Don Juan deMarco, A legendary and fictional character first created and used in the works of 17th century playwright Tirso de Molina.

“You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to Love when it comes back to its home” 

Falling into or out of something like Love is almost unreal and a byproduct of our lifestyle, misconceptions, misplaced values, culture and unbridled dispositions. We not only fail to understand, recognize and value it we also mistake other things for it and label it love. Love of God, Love of a mother, a father, between siblings, carnal mates, soul mates and friends is spiritually of the same quality and essence. Between a man and a woman it takes on several other powerful dimensions that are captured in the beauty, dynamics and eternity of such bonds as that of soul mates. There is no gender disparity and inequality in it. Love is something that brings a man and a woman together in eternity. If it’s true, it’s in the truth, it is eternal or else it isn't Love. Any mathematician, scientist or logician will tell you what truth means. Men are blessed with 5 senses, faith, will, intelligence, spirit, mind, civility, self awareness, consciousness, knowledge of the sciences, religion to tame, to self discipline and regulate their lives, habits and experiences. These are all gifts available at his disposal to get him through his human condition in contact with the lower energies of the material mode, its five elements, lower emotions and the effects of things such as Lust, Anger, Greed and myriad combinations of other negative emotions.   In my experience such things like Love are established as a Truth within eternity. It’s a universal constant, never changing.  People often feel overwhelmed and taken by this strong new experience and emotion that masters them. It's unlike and far removed from anything they'll ever experience among the falsities, hypocrisies and dualities of this world. It depends on the values, both theirs and their partners that form the basis of such a relationship. If it is superficial it stays the same. If it is emotional, spiritual, intellectual, real and based on truly deserving values and sincere efforts, it stays strong. At the same time in a mix of feelings, passions, ignorance, false expectations both good and bad, excuses, lust for deceiving, fleeting pleasures, greed for all things material  and easy short cut solutions coupled with an escapist attitude, it becomes easy to blame and walk away even from trying to start Loving unconditionally. It is said,

"Love another as you Love yourself"

"Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you" Luke 6:27

"This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother from your heart." Mathew 18:35

"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love." 1 John 4:18

 Examine these words, they will never change, this is Love. It's not open to interpretation, if it goes into your heart it was meant to be yours. Explanations can never bridge the gap that was meant for Love to fill. It's like a bitter sweet pill no one is willing to swallow but they hope to be cured and saved by it at the same time. You can't fall into it or out of it. It's heaven, it isn't a pit. You have to work hard with all your heart, all your soul, spirit, 5 senses and human faculties in all sincerity to make that spiritual climb up the stairs. Love is what will feed and strengthen you on your journey. If someone has deceived, cheated, lied to or hurt you, or if you have slandered, abused, hurt or unjustly accused and oppressed another, learn to forgive with all your heart. This is what it takes to Love with all your heart. Do not carry the blame games, easy resolutions, nullifying accusations and bitter memories. They'll wrap around your soul and tie it down in chains like baggage from the past, embedded in your hearts and stained in your thoughts and minds. Instead understand the other person, your reactions and responses, understand that hate is a bait, a trap, don’t get hooked onto its viscous and debilitating cycles, develop tolerance, compassion, forgive, and Love freely, unconditionally without expectations even the worst of your enemies in relationships, business, life and more. Your ability to Love is a God given gift, a talent that means the river of Love will flow freely from its source into your hearts. So soften your hearts and cleave it open and embracing of love. Don't block and dam it up, let it flow freely be generous with your love. Confronted with your enemies, oppressors and abusers give them in return ten times the Love for every single moment of hate you felt coming from them. God will Love and replenish your heart. So heal them as the source of Love heals you. Cure and heal them with Love just as you were healed by it. Don’t worry or hesitate, it's like a never ending eternal river. This is Love; it will free you from all your sins, negative reactions, responses, ill feelings, hate, malice, resentments and take away your inequities. As humans the higher spiritual self of every man, woman and child is very close to that of God. We are born innocent, our sins, mistakes and poor choices may deny us, derail us and lead us and our souls astray. But for at least a moment in your heart if you Love like this, you'll realize and appreciate how much you've been loved. It was always there for the taking, calling out to you, your hearts were too hard for it to penetrate. Make a little time for yourselves in silence and solitude, and I assure you that you will discover this free gift to be more beautiful, profound and meaningful than any magic or miracle you’ll ever know. 

Love, Light, Blessings and Peace to You All.

 -          Jai Krishna Ponnappan :)

Unchain Your Free will: It Awaits to Manifest your Destiny

A comment in response to,

Hello Maryanne,Wow! It must have been really confusing for you too. Thanks for putting it down in words. Between a man and a woman, the most important thing that people often forget is that it's all about what brings the two people together. If your family, friends, relatives, employers, your profession etc. decide your identity, who you are and who you are with, then it becomes hard for you to be in a grown up, mature and loving adult relationship. It's alright to relate to these people, situations and changing circumstances but make sure you do let them value your own individuality. Don't loose it or compromise it ever, at any cost. It is a gift, a blessing and something worthy of respect and dignity. Whether it's your family, friends, colleagues or business associates, it's great to be people centric and the best way to do that is to start by finding balance and peace with the knowledge of who you are, where you came from and which way you're headed. People come and people go, situations change but the one person you'll always have to deal with is 'You'. The moment you decide to become a complete and whole person by yourself, content and happy with the realization and knowledge of you are is when you step into real adulthood. This is when you can recognize appreciate, grow with and love another person just the way they are. The moment you decide to become fully responsible for your own happiness, choices and their consequences, is when you start living as an adult. In today's dysfunctional society many really don't reach that stage of maturity even in their late thirties, forties and fifties. Some get stuck in a phase may be as a result of certain habits, a nice comfort zone they never risk stepping out of, never having to dive into struggles or critical challenges on their own and several other dependencies. It might be emotional, physical, psychological, societal pressures and commitments or otherwise. You need to find that inner peace and comfort zone within your self. Take affirmative steps towards being more self sufficient and self reliant. If you can do these things then you can truly get to share and exchange both the joys and sorrows of your experience with that special someone. You pool in your resources and complement the other person to become a stronger and more mutually supportive couple. And now you can exchange your vows, get married and have kids cause you deserve to, you worked hard for it and you have what it takes to give and provide for your future children and support a family of your own. See how the pigeons and sparrows seem to be going about it. They seem more responsible and successful than some of the people I know. As people go through tough experiences in life and mature, they soon tend to develop habits such as tolerance, patience and understanding for others and their partner in particular, as a result of how they dealt with and overcame it in their own lives. We tend to get a better grip on the fact that we're never perfect, we make mistakes, we all have issues and it's all Ok, cause life is about dealing with the lessons and learning from them. Use your free will for positive and mature progressions. These can have both material and spiritual over tones. Never let your reactions and responses that come in haste or as a result of internal and external unresolved issues, passions or ignorance throw your life in the wrong direction. Abusing your free will can lead to many dead ends in life. Dead end relationships, dead end jobs, dead end careers and a dead end Karma with a ticket waiting for you to attend the next screening of your life. Instead find you inner balance, study and steady your emotions, passions and faculties, identify your true purpose in life by realizing and discovering the worth and the value of your soul. Let this knowledge be a reference that guides your free will, thoughts, faith, actions and choices in the right direction, parallel and aligned towards your destiny. There are always many alternative paths to get there. The fastest and shortest way is what is known as following your Destiny. You may consult, divine and choose other paths but make sure that they're parallel. If not, you can always follow the crowd or go off on a whimsical tangent and be content with the knowledge that you made your choices albeit the wrong ones that were impressed upon you. Mimicking the choices and convictions of others does your purpose in life no good. Gifted as we are, not all of us have the means or gifts of divination, intuition, sharp instincts or uncanny reflexes in thinking and affirmative actions. But it's important even for Run away brides to find the inner strength to acknowledge and build a relationship with themselves and with the higher source of life before they consider wedding bells and dream of that blessed day in a Church. We live in a world full of imperfections, it's alright because they are there by design and serve a useful purpose. Internalize this and accept your imperfections, this way you'll develop a great deal of tolerance and compassion for the people around you including the 'would be husband' you fooled around with. Life is characterized by external, internal and spiritual growth, this is how you facilitate it.

P.S - There is a reason why they call it 'Will Power' . To quote from that spider man movie ' With great powers comes great responsibilities'. Your free will didn't come with an owner's manual and neither did your life. Be responsible and you'll grow up to enjoy both to the fullest.

Love , Peace and Blessings- Jai Krishna Ponnappan :)

Creativity: An Idea, and An Intangible Force of Thought that can't be Resisted

"Beyond the many seeds of new life, Creativity is the innate force within, the one that sprouts into a tree. In our minds it is the idea that can’t be resisted when the time for action comes calling."  - Jai Krishna Ponnappan.

Dedicated to All my Creative Friends and the boundless Spirit of Creativity. 

                 Creativity begins with destroying the old. Requiring complete concentration, courage and trust in your instincts for something more treasured than gold. Creativity requires you hope for nothing more than the true rewards of your deserving labor. Every promising and fruitful act of creation is always a bold new act of courage.  ‘Freedom’ from self consciousness, insecurities and the weeds of everyday opinions is its sword. It pens, paints and spawns relationships where none exist. It is the spirit of life. It is like the breath within us that joyfully sustains and nurtures new growth. It is the colors of thoughts, emotions, feelings and ideas constantly redefining the images on the canvas of your mind. It toys as it shapes the reflections that gather on the mirrors of your imagination. The beautiful and colorful light of creative altruism illuminates the darkness of destructive selfishness. It is the invisible and magical bond of life that entwines and unites the seemingly disjoint. When you are your own person creativity makes your identity its home, your mind becomes its workshop, your heart the furnace of its desires and your life its expanding playground. It only leaves this home when your consciousness tries to scale and measure with that of another, or if you follow the path of another’s destiny and if you mimic the old weeds around you that are better left behind you. It breaks all rules if and where it can. It takes risks where it sees the fruits are worth more than a mere chance. It makes mistakes as it loves all its lessons. It experiments as it strives to innovate if not invent. It’s almost like a determined and joyful child. Its paths are full of fun even in hardships and strife. Creativity never stops with a genius and his new born ideas. It is more of a committed champion who nourishes, loves and grows these ideas into the fullness of its life with absolute integrity. Creativity is truly inspiring and eternal as it spirals in never ending abundance. It inspires and gives birth to new creativity in all who can appreciate and admire it.  So let the spark of your desire light up the depths of your imagination and flourish in the illuminating flames of your Creativity. The value of Creativity your life brings into this world is the sum, the blessing and the gift you offer and add to the growing expanses of this Creation. And always remember in life the best and most wonderful thing you will ever create is yourself.

Wishing you All a Beautiful and Creative experience through life :)

-          Love, Light, Blessings & Joy

-          Jai Krishna Ponnappan


Dedicated to my very Special Someone,


With wings of Hope and Faith
Love is like a darling dove from above
Flying high beyond human skies
Carrying an endless peace in its lonely flight
An eternal flame burns bright,
Within the promise of its golden heart
It knows your name as it sings out to you,
The sweet song of your soul
Your fantasy is its unbreakable Dream.
Beyond my words, trust in Love.
For Your heart and soul is its eternal abode.

- By Jai Krishna Ponnappan

 Wishing you All Love & Blessings –Jai

P.S -  "Follow your heart, ask it questions both big and small, then silence your thoughts as you feel the answers within. Learn to trust your heart for Love is its powerful secret and its joys are many.”
- Jai Krishna Ponnappan

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