Creativity: An Idea, and An Intangible Force of Thought that can't be Resisted

"Beyond the many seeds of new life, Creativity is the innate force within, the one that sprouts into a tree. In our minds it is the idea that can’t be resisted when the time for action comes calling."  - Jai Krishna Ponnappan.

Dedicated to All my Creative Friends and the boundless Spirit of Creativity. 

                 Creativity begins with destroying the old. Requiring complete concentration, courage and trust in your instincts for something more treasured than gold. Creativity requires you hope for nothing more than the true rewards of your deserving labor. Every promising and fruitful act of creation is always a bold new act of courage.  ‘Freedom’ from self consciousness, insecurities and the weeds of everyday opinions is its sword. It pens, paints and spawns relationships where none exist. It is the spirit of life. It is like the breath within us that joyfully sustains and nurtures new growth. It is the colors of thoughts, emotions, feelings and ideas constantly redefining the images on the canvas of your mind. It toys as it shapes the reflections that gather on the mirrors of your imagination. The beautiful and colorful light of creative altruism illuminates the darkness of destructive selfishness. It is the invisible and magical bond of life that entwines and unites the seemingly disjoint. When you are your own person creativity makes your identity its home, your mind becomes its workshop, your heart the furnace of its desires and your life its expanding playground. It only leaves this home when your consciousness tries to scale and measure with that of another, or if you follow the path of another’s destiny and if you mimic the old weeds around you that are better left behind you. It breaks all rules if and where it can. It takes risks where it sees the fruits are worth more than a mere chance. It makes mistakes as it loves all its lessons. It experiments as it strives to innovate if not invent. It’s almost like a determined and joyful child. Its paths are full of fun even in hardships and strife. Creativity never stops with a genius and his new born ideas. It is more of a committed champion who nourishes, loves and grows these ideas into the fullness of its life with absolute integrity. Creativity is truly inspiring and eternal as it spirals in never ending abundance. It inspires and gives birth to new creativity in all who can appreciate and admire it.  So let the spark of your desire light up the depths of your imagination and flourish in the illuminating flames of your Creativity. The value of Creativity your life brings into this world is the sum, the blessing and the gift you offer and add to the growing expanses of this Creation. And always remember in life the best and most wonderful thing you will ever create is yourself.

Wishing you All a Beautiful and Creative experience through life :)

-          Love, Light, Blessings & Joy

-          Jai Krishna Ponnappan