Samhain Blessings: Agus Tha Gaol Agam Ort (& I love you.~translated from Gaelic)

Love is fair without favorites. 

Love is just, it knows no bounds, it feels no burdens. 

Humanity is defined by its duality, 
It is lost to the extremes of beauty and ugliness. 
May it know its responsibilities in Love, 
May it find its peace, 
May Eternal and loving Eyes.. 
Guide and Light its way forward
Unto the awakening of dawn,
May you honor these Truths this time of the year,
May You reflect on the inevitability of change, 
May you seek and accept transformation and not escape, 
May you find the seeds of renewal and birth, 
May You respect and learn from the endless 
May you evolve in the wisdom of the old
& May you accept the responsibility
That comes with it all, this time of the Year.

I wish You all a Happy and Safe Celebration.

Just a few words of concern & caution,
.. a sincere and kind reminder from the Heart. 
P.S ~It's about to get a little wet and windy around here;) 

~ Up from the sea, in a lonely hollow ~
~ She rose upon a patch of grass ~

Green and Free, in a land enslaved by debt, 
Her Spirit dances in ecstasy,
As it gathers and piles up in Strength
Fierce against the oppressor,
who rules and robs these kindred Souls
An island of Hope a-midst an ocean of sorrows
On a day I can never forget, I will it so...
A seeker of Truth, I gather and live in All worlds.
Receding and nearing,
The sea lay below me
Receding and nearing,
white, blue and red.
With healing in its hurting
Joy with its breadth held
Swelling and breaking.
I lay thinking of the colors around me,
Her colors that greet my will
As I lay thinking of the colors of Eternity
The colors that forever flood this blissful Heart.

Jai Krishna Ponnappan

~ A Chuisle, A ChroĆ­ 
 Tada Gan Iarracht ~

(~ My Pulse, My Heart
Nothing is Done Without effort ~)
You are purged in Light & Truth.....

“Yea, she hath passed hereby, and blessed the sheaves,

And the great garths, and stacks, and quiet farms,
And all the tawny, and the crimson leaves.
Yea, she hath passed with poppies in her arms,
Under the star of dusk, through stealing mist,
And blessed the earth, and gone, while no man wist.

With slow, reluctant feet, and weary eyes,
And eye-lids heavy with the coming sleep,
With small breasts lifted up in stress of sighs,
She passed, as shadows pass, among the sheep;
While the earth dreamed, and only I was ware
Of that faint fragrance blown from her soft hair.

The land lay steeped in peace of silent dreams;
There was no sound amid the sacred boughs.
Nor any mournful music in her streams:
Only I saw the shadow on her brows,
Only I knew her for the yearly slain,
And wept, and weep until she come again.” 

Blessings & Best Regards to You All,
This time of the Year.
My Heart is in You.

~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan

"Cha robh dithis riamh a’ fadadh 
teine nach do las eatarra."

~ Two never kindled a fire but it lit between them.