Self Realization, Self Awareness and Self Actualization: The path to Discovering your true identity.

Self Realization, Self Awareness and Self Actualization: The path to Discovering your true identity.

“We are spiritual beings here to evolve in this sensual realm.”
-A work dedicated to my love for all humanity and life.

In this fast paced world we live in it’s easy to lose ourselves to the never ending demands of social conditioning. At the end we find that we’re almost blind to the bigger picture of what should have been the true potential and purpose of our lives. We need to know that with all of science and the new knowledge we’ve managed to learn in the recent past there is still so much here and out there that we haven’t really explored. Sometimes our intelligence can betray us and build walls that put an end to new learning and understanding. We are spiritual creatures born into this material realm of sensual experiences. The Spirit of life, love, faith, omnipresent will and hope fills our souls that take seat in our flesh. And as humans we are blessed with a multitude of innate faculties especially the almost incomprehensible intelligence that dictates the story of our lives. As we grow we engage in experiences that prompt us to know and discover who we are, our strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. But most importantly it also gives us the opportunity and identifies our core values in life and builds an evolving relationship with this sensual and spiritual world around those very personal values. This doesn’t always happen overnight, for some it may take a life time yet for others who are more honest with themselves and humble with those around them the learning curve can be much faster. If and when you do get to that stage you realize and love the very life in you because you know it’s the same spirit of life that surrounds all that is around you. You discover a strange sense of detachment to the joys and sorrows of the passions, pleasures and pains of this experience. And you find yourself rooted and dedicated to the selfless service of others and the beauty of all life that you see around you. You come into engage, concentrate and focus all your faculties in this act of service, it gives you the joy of mastering and balancing all your primal senses and urges. With this self discovery you become better acquainted and masterful of your five senses and the five elements that surround you. You find such an incredibly powerful and wonderful inner strength, resilience and beauty that raise you above the strange passions or ignorance or both that make cause you to descend and become bounded and bonded to the negative emotions and experiences that this world may test you with. You rise above fear, anger, doubt, hatred, jealousy, greed and superstition because your heart, free will, mind, body and spiritual being dwells in Love, hope, desire, faith, selfless service and zest. You may wonder………

What does it take to get to this state and stay there?

Do you remember the last time you were anxious, nervous, restless, worried, panicking or in a state of fear? You must have had a friend tell you “Hey, relax take a deep breath and let go of the stress inside you.” Well that’s the answer to this question. When a baby is born into this world it starts working subconsciously and unconsciously, its lungs and heart pound away without being told. Because that’s what it takes to be alive in this world, it takes work. This holds true from the day you were born till the day you lay down on your back to enter rest. But know that the breath in you that goes in and fills up your lungs is like the force of life from around you going in and sustaining the life and fire in you. It’s the same with the other four elements. What most people don’t realize is that these simple processes of life have a spiritual quality to it too. When you sit down, let go of all the other things that bog your thoughts and meditate on that breathe of life, you renounce all else and give into this force of life and find a new balance in the powerful bond of love that you build with it.

I first discovered the fruits of this exercise when I was training as an Actor. It was taught to me as a lesson in awareness, self control and relaxation. This state served as a personal reference for me before and after a performance.

What kind of an exercise or life style would you prescribe?

You can repeat the above with every other exchange you have in everything you do. You focus all your faculties and concentrate them on this exchange whether it’s elemental, verbal, physical, psychological, emotional, sensual or spiritual. Your capacity to concentrate on this persistent state of awareness is what separates you from the all other forms of life. As far as a life style is concerned, you become a truly free bird because life can help you evolve in all your many nuances. It may move you with its sways in an attempt to do so and test the very guts and metal of your inner man or woman. But being in this state of awareness your identity and personal balance of reference stays intact ready only for a positive and controlled progression. Your life style becomes one of positive and true choices and freedom rather than servitude or negative degeneration or dehumanization.

Does it to take for you to let go renounce this sensual experience to know who you really are?

Renounce the distractions it may cause you. But never reject this experience which was prescribed exclusively in your best interest. We are here to learn and this experience called life is prompting and servicing our needs to evolve with true awareness and unconditional respect in love for all.

How do you develop a bond with this unifying force of life in love?

The awareness of such love and the spirit of truth stays embedded and rooted deep inside your core and soul. We are capable of being good because of the goodness that’s innate and deep within our souls. It’s an act of discovery. Becoming aware is the first step. Reminding yourself of the truth in you is the second. Exercising this truth and dwelling in it as a perpetual habit of the soul is the third. Your new found inner balance is the eternal reward of going through with the likes of these.

Is my being really worthy of knowing such an innate universal truth and then speak the universal language of its higher emotions?

The fact that we all possess the innate faculties and the potential to get there is proof that we all are capable and truly worthy. It’s like a prize and a gift that was meant and kept in store for us. Its gifts are uniquely human and meant exclusively for you in the condition you are in. Awareness elevates us and liberates us into a higher state of universal emotions and consciousness. Ignorance and indulgence causes us to falter and bit by bit lowers us into more abominable and less than self-aware forms of life and eventually descends us into non-existence.

How could I possibly live in this condition in a world that’s filled with troubles and tastes that distract me even in my sleep?

You become the master of these distractions, the truth in the chaos of misguided life, passions and pervading ignorance becomes crystal clear to you at all times. Your very being both physical and spiritual becomes entwined in hope and faith around the truth you’ve discovered. Like a curious child you become willing and eager to learn the lessons in the selfless duties that life has prescribed for you. Your ego dissolves into the cause of all causes which is found only in the absolute truth that is Love. Simple acts of selfless Love liberate your entanglements from the false ego as it reveals to you, your true identity and purpose in life.

These words are meant as gentle reminder to those who seek a higher sense of awareness in their hearts, minds and the inner solitude of their souls. It’s yours in love to know, own and take into your hearts with an open mind. It’s yours to enable and empower you to lead a more free, pure, purposeful, meaningful, evolving and progressive experience in life and spirit.

P.S –LOVE is the force in the living. LOVE is an unconditional act of giving. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Doctor, Actor, Artist, Engineer, Social worker, Businessman or anything and everything else; Your life is made meaningful and fruitful in LOVE. And this LOVE is a selfless and unconditional act of service everlasting in its intent of spreading harmony and peace to all its children.

Brightest Love, Peace and Blessings to One & All
- Jai :)