Love 101 : Love is a piece of heaven inside your heart.

Love is a piece of heaven inside your heart

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I've never been married so I have no idea about how they manage different degrees of infidelity or even participate in it. I still found many of the responses really strange. It goes to show a lack of respect for all relationships in general. I find people struggle to define Love so they settle for what they think is their most appropriate definition that meets their needs for happiness. They just label it as a 'Relationship' as per their convenience. And this thing called dating, what's the point of the exercise? …Love? Not really....Love isn't something you read from a dictionary, watch in a romantic movie or observe in somebody else’s relationship. Love is really intangible so much so that not even words can hold its true meaning. Love is like a dove above humanity and all its words. Words at best are misleading if not deceiving. So you don't understand it because it’s poorly defined. Now it gets even harder to come to know or experience a thing such as true Love. By our society's norms Dating is ok, warm fuzzies are ok, fancy romance is ok, relationships are ok, good sex is healthy, functional marriages are a must do, they even say cheating is ok wow. People make planes fly, and tall skyscrapers but struggle to make Love stick, they all of sudden transform and say 'they’re only human’. In this world Love is like a sapling that gets trampled upon and torn down before it becomes a fruitful tree. Over the last 15 years growin up I have seen may be a handful of brave and bold men who have dared to Love. Love was made out to be a horrid crime in all cases. Kind of like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet forced to go straight down the hill because the society and social environment we live in to this day is still non- conducive and judgmental of things like Love. False friends, a lack of support, envy and people who are busy poking their noses and trying to draw triangles and circles are just some of the reasons why. To Love, well they haven't been there, it hasn't really been defined, so it becomes a target for the axe. Ignorance is bliss. Ignorance of things like Love is truly a false sense of bliss, and a poor substitute for the real thing. Love was never meant for the faint hearted or the weak that may fall prey to society. Love is defined only in the hearts of those who are brave enough, bold enough and strong enough in heavenly virtues like hope, faith and patience. Why? …………Cause Love is a piece of heaven inside your heart. Love isn't mundane or physical, it is a spiritual gift in every sense above and beyond all senses. True Love is not just Karmic; it is the reason and the cause. You, me and Karma are lucky to serve and facilitate things like Love. If you seek Love, be bold, brave and strong. This world will make you struggle and fight for it. They’ll try their best to convince you that what they’ve settled for is the best phony recreation in the name of Love and call it things like dating, warm fuzzies, fancy romance, mundane makeshift relationships, good sex, dys/functional marriages, cheating, infidelity etc. Everybody deserves to Love and be Loved. Exercise courage, strength, desire, hope, faith and patience and you’ll make it to Love’s destiny. And if you can’t, identify and admit your weaknesses and don’t spoil it for those who try cause we already have too many who do that.

P.S – The only place you’ll find the happiness and meaning of true Love is in your heart. Looking for something that’s above the noise of humanity’s intelligence in all the wrong places is the reason why Lovers become victims of those who rob them of their prize.

- Blessings and best wishes to all those who dare to stand up for Love.
- Jai Krishna Ponnappan