About Betrayals: The truth is in confronting the weakness that hides within...........

"When Jesus told Judas, 'Do what you must do and do it quickly,' that statement suggests that he had foreknowledge of what was about to occur - that a betrayal was imminent"

Betrayals are strong and imminent among people who have a propensity towards it. You can see it coming even before you exchange words let alone vows with such a person. They have done it before and if you have psychic gifts you can see the trail of victims they've left behind since they were children. Circumstances build up towards the ultimate act itself and it may all seem very natural and understandable. There is very little good that can come out of rationalizing and explaining the cause of such behavior. Band aid fixes, damage repair and damage control are merely an ineffective cure for this disease. It takes a strong, loyal, sincere and committed human being with the best of integrity and self control to stand firm in faith for things like love, relationships and partnerships. But the truth is simple those who betray will betray. Old habits die hard for some, esp. the weak at heart and those who can’t control their own free will. In business they say once a traitor always a traitor. If you've done it once you'll do it again and again. Selfishness and a false or poisoned sense of love based on expectations and self centeredness are at the roots of such people who do such things. Whether it’s Love, marriage, business or politics betrayals and traitors come with the same packaging and unwholesomeness. I've lost money to all forms of betrayers but more than that I lost my peace of mind, love and respect for the likes of such. I’ve come to read the likes of such from a safe distance. I learnt my lessons the hard way never to be betrayed ever again. I repeat to myself "Be careful who you place your trust in Jai. Meditate and pray that they'll grow and mature into trust worthy individuals. Or prepare your Love to be the unconditional victim of their betrayals." It's the polar opposite personality traits of someone who is loyal, stead fast, firm and resolute. People such as Jesus who have abilities to bend time, karma and reality unconditionally, can see it coming from a distance both in time, deeds and truth. You must meditate on seeing it coming. You must learn or prepare to love unconditionally. You must learn to forgive. You must learn to face their fears, expectations, selfishness, jealousy and lack of respect and considerations with a strong sense of absolute and unconditional love. Love heals both the victim and the victimizer just as it heals the traitor in the hope that they'll discover the truth in Love. For love heals all wounds both cheaters and their victims will eventually find out and karma will make the lessons come forth ...be it in this lifetime or the next. Those who abandon the lessons of life, quit, loose and fail at accomplishing the karmic goals of their souls, they abandon their karma unresolved with a false sense of comforting and self gratifying closure. Those who quit never win in life. They set themselves up stronger for their next big failure. Those who leave will return to fight on the battle field of life someday; if not during this lifetime surely another is in the making at the hands of fate and Karma.

- Blessings to everyone & my sincere and Unconditional Love to All those who have been victims and victimizers. Its OK, we are only human so let love fill up the cracks and gaps that plague our perfection and cause our inequity. Remember there is so much the bible doesn’t tell us about how much Jesus must have loved Judas unconditionally. Love leaves no stone left unturned; it makes no excuses when it changes everyone and everything that crosses its path.