Get Tough : What it really means.........

Tough means that you are willing to stand tall and persevere.

Even when your mind and body signal perfectly good reasons for giving up, you go on.
This tough is obvious. But tough can be seen every day if we choose to look.

Tough may be a patient undergoing cancer treatments or a single mother struggling to raise children.

Tough can be an alcoholic ready to face rehab or an athlete living in a wheelchair.

Tough can be refusing to conform to everyday stereotypes.

Tough can be to refuse being defined by peer pressure, and rather discovering your own true identity and purpose in life.

Tough can be rejecting false praise and honestly accepting you and your family for who and what you are.

Tough is an ability to make the best from what you are given.

Tough is making the decision to replace self-pity, complaints and dependence with self reliance, independence and action.

You’ve got to be tough to do the big things in life like taking risks, admitting mistakes, and changing bad habits.

You’ve got to be tough to do the little things like biting your tongue, waiting your turn and putting up with fools.

Self-reliance and self confidence will demand your toughness. Then, you must temper toughness with kindness, realizing that many times it will be tough to be kind. Be kind anyway.

Tough is when you return ill wishes, hate, gossip and rumors with a smile.

Tough means that you are, you can, and you will stand firm because you have the principles, ethics, moral fiber and character that serve as your strong spine.

Tough is when you know you've lived an honest, sincere and clean life, your conscience is free of guilt and you choose to share the joy in you with those who are worthy of your good company.

Tough is when you choose to keep a respectable distance from bad company because you know it will erode and corrupt good character.... eventually.

Tough is when you stand up for what’s right and you know your cause is worthy of your toil, blood and sweat.

Tough is when you know to love unconditionally despite the false expectations, insincerity, superficiality and prejudice inherent in a divided society.

Tough is when you Love your enemies and do good to those who hate you [Luke 6:27].

- Love, Peace and Blessings to One & All - Jai :)