Love: A Dove from above

True love is like a red rose. Its beauty and fragrance fills your soul with an eternal Blessing :)

My comment in response to an interesting Article/commentary on the California Psychics blog page,

Yes, there is love and then there are stereotypical, contractual relationships that fit into convention and convenience. Think of a mother’s love for her child, even though they are clearly not equals, she still nourishes, teaches, nurtures and raises them, because this love is pure, natural and unconditional. This is the type of unconditional love all mature adult relationships are capable of. People either don’t strive for it, don’t know about it or they get overwhelmed and quit when faced with being so close to the victory that it promises. Love is a very strong bond that makes up for all faults and weaknesses. For both the man and the woman balance in complementing and making up for one another is the key. For all you people looking to do this, you need to first reprioritize your value system. Is love more important to you than success? Can you buy Love? Do you believe that love is the source of true happiness in life? Can you compare soul mates to things like retail love with options and expiry dates? Does your Love act as an inspiration and a fuel when it comes to all things in life and not just your personal success? All love is selfless, understanding and nurturing. Love never quits just like those who choose to love. There are plenty of strong, attractive, successful women out there. But is you personal value system mundane and worldly? If so take a hard look at yourself on the inside and the outside. Make a few changes that will lead you to finding your true purpose in life through something as empowering as love. The most attractive women in my life include my mother and two sisters, plus this great wonderful girl I met who’s always been a winner in my book, both in heart and spirit. The roles they play as women, as mothers, sisters and daughters clearly showcase their unique abilities as women. It makes them beautiful. You learn from such a wife, lover or girl friend….. lessons no one else can teach. For those who believe in taking action and having a loving and positive attitude anyone and everyone can be molded into successful and strong individuals. Insecurities, fears, inadequacies and problems in general, need to be addressed, worked with and viewed with compassion, positivity and determination as opportunities and lessons in life that can take you a step higher spiritually, emotionally or otherwise. In marriages, relationships, love and life there are winners and there are losers. Those that quit never win and those that win never quit. Soul mates are fine examples of souls that never settle for anything less than the true happiness they value in the eternal bond of love they share, reciprocate and cherish as strong spiritual memories from the past that mold their future eternally.

- Love, Peace , Blessings and best wishes to all my dear friends and fellow readers out there :)

- P.S – An idea can change your life. Love is not just an ideal it is an idea, a divine intelligence and a heavenly virtue that gels everything universally beyond time. Discover it ……….. I promise you it’s waiting to be found. It’s a warm hug you’ll never forget………… :)