Words of Inspiration: To the Actor, Artist and Craftsmen of Creativity

In an age such as ours, when the trend of life, thought and desires is to become more and more materialistic and dull, the emphasis unfortunately is on physical conveniences and standardization. In such an age humanity is inclined to forget that to progress culturally, life, and especially the arts, must be permeated with all kinds of intangible powers and qualities; that that which is tangible, visible and audible is but a small part of our optimum existence and has little claim upon posterity. Afraid to adventure and soar artistically, we sink deeper and faster in to the ground we hold to. And then, whether we notice it or not, perhaps too late, we get tired of being “practical”; we suffer breakdowns, rush to psychoanalysts, search for mental panaceas and stimuli or periodically seek escape in cheap thrills, superficial sensations, swiftly changing fads and amusements, and even drugs. In short, we pay dearly for our refusal to recognize the necessity of sanely balancing the practical tangibles with the artistic intangibles. And art is a sphere which suffers most easily from such an imbalance. Nobody can exhale without inhaling. Nobody can be truly “practical” merely by clinging to the ground and refusing to be strengthened and uplifted by the seemingly “impractical intangibles which are basic to the creative spirit, which are a kind of psychological and spiritual “inhaling”.

- Love, Blessings and Best wishes to all my dear friends with creative aspirations in all walks of life :)