Inside every relationship, human, spiritual, worldly or otherwise, it is important to first understand who’s coming into the relationship, it is not just you but the woman inside whose womb you and the rest of your fathers were fashioned and created. You understand yourself better when you know that her qualities, her face, her Spirit, her endless inner beauty and her Soul will always shine through you.
~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan
Dedicated in Loving Memory & Honor of Aryama


This is a comment in response to an interesting article I read today,

                 I know it's tough, even though it’s 2011 and much of what is considered as Western ideologies, rationale, philosophies, sciences, culture and outlook are more or less still clearly and firmly based and modeled around a not so ancient Greco-Roman & Anglican past. It is still very evident how hard it can be to try to uncover the Truth, concepts and facts when we are so fixated with only relating with the accepted norms of our way of thinking, world view and outlook, and nothing beyond it or outside it.

The only reason why some men avoid connecting the dots is because of constricting habits and preferences that defy and deny.

              Unfortunately like so many others before, this article/theory including the genetic studies that support it seems to have deliberately or unknowingly brushed aside well established scientific and anthropological truths about the legacy and dominance of matriarchal and matrilineal martial tribes, customs and traditions, not to mention the prevalent genetics that cuts right across the length, breadth and history of Europe, Eurasia, Central Asia and India. Being sexist is like being stuck in the dark ages or being in denial of who we are, our own past and genetic history..... Downgrading the central role that woman have played in our genetic, sociological and evolutionary history is merely a sad reflection of the existing condescending attitudes and shameful sexual disparities that plague the world in which we live.....I really want to keep myself from wondering what strange delusions can make an educated man think that an Agro-pastoral warrior such as a Celt or Viking would be less trusting, faithful and loyal to his Mother, wife and Sisters whom he regards as 'Goddesses', defenders and caretakers of his progeny, land and wealth . 

            Perhaps unlike me, some of their genetic cousins and their ancestors, they seem to have adopted a very different treatment and attitude towards women in general including their Mothers, Sisters, Partners and daughters. Indeed this is nothing short of a very disturbing trend that seems deplorable, artificial and unnatural to me. Sexism, gender disparity and an exploitative, unhealthy, unnatural and dehumanizing attitude towards women is by far one of the leading factors and root causes for many of our socio-economic woes, issues and societal imbalances.

          I Hope this will change someday soon....I trust that Nature has a very strange, mysterious and special way of fixing and correcting all her problems and the forces and ideas that cause them to perpetuate.

P.S ~ I wish to dedicate this message to her.....
In honor of her, 






             To Aryama or the mother, progenitor and matriarch of all branches and sub branches of ethnic, native and nomadic Aryans and her story as described in many ancient Hindu and Indoeuropean scriptures and folk lore predating written history. 

             Whether you are a woman or a man, please do not let obvious scientific contradictions, iconoclasm, false supremacists, ignorance, gender disparity, narrow mindedness  or obsessive and curtailing fixations damage your respect for women and the world cultures that were spawned, nurtured, preserved and strengthened by HER.

~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan