Understanding Karma: It's More Than Just a Trivial Principle or a Mundane Concept

My response to an article about 'Karma' at California Psychics,


I agree with what Ms. Jacqueline has said,

"These Karmic experiences do not have to arise again and again, nor linger on and on, once you become real in tune with yourself, the mechanics of you, looking at the reasons of what have made you tic, your involvement in bringing forth certain issues into your life, look at them change what-ever needs to change within yourself you will soon find that circumstances, friends, colleges will change too."

Life is a finite experience. We enter into this world with no material possessions but we do accrue and accumulate the reactions, consequences and rewards of our actions. People have a strong tendency to chase after, work for and Lord over the rewards of their actions. They say this is My Wealth, My fancy car, my wife etc etc. The truth is they came into this world as tiny butt naked babies, the world, nature, life, someone, something or circumstances rewarded them the fruits of their actions that they desired for. These fruits and rewards never belonged to them, to conceive the false notion that it does is what bad Karma is all about. Because the desire, the false pride and false sense of ownership will prolong and persist after death. They conceive the idea that they can own and Lord over something, they are worried in anguish until they have that desire or the fruit in their hands and certainly once they get it with great difficulty they are relieved in pride of possessing and lording over what they began to covet. And some get greedy and long for more and more. Some prepare their senses in Lust for things they can covet before they get it their hands. And some engage in resentment, hate and anger for all that they have been denied. They sometimes get their desires fulfilled and most often they don't. And when they don't, if they are devoid of certain spiritually enabling qualities such as love they will descend and succumb to freely accessible energies and emotions like hate. Guilt is a good thing because it is an indication that you have used your free will to violate what is natural to your soul. This is usually not a one person event. This is an interaction, like shaking hands and everybody else is certainly involved. You get caught and entwined, even let’s say for a person giving advice whether good or bad, your soul and its Karmic reactions are getting entwined with your friend or Client's Karmic reactions. Recognize it as it happens because your soul will have to live with it until the Karmic bonds come undone.

Karmic bonds vastly apply to soul mates as a collective entity and don't mistake the eternal bonds of marriage between their souls as anything else.

For those who realize the soul within, they can comprehend to a certain extent that Karma is a sense illusory and powerfully entangling web, even though the spiritual energies involved are lower and weaker...they are surely effective and all that is needed. It weaves its illusions of rewards in this material realm, this is its dominion, its energies are real, people succumb to it and chase after the fruits rather than achieve liberation from it, or anything else other than what is worthwhile of their time and the opportunity presented to them as a gift during this lifetime. If you desire the fruits. You might soon start to hate or complain and long for it when it is denied. This is how desire turns into hate. It happens to all living things regardless of gender, race, age, religion, spiritual inclinations, type of life or time, age or place of birth. These are the natures of the material realm to which Life in all its conditions is exposed to. For example a fish will not understand these words but its soul is very close to nature instinctively. It has not made sufficient Karmic progress to get to be human enough and liberate itself from the sense illusory rewards of Karma. Its soul and consciousness is still in the infantile stages of spiritual awakening.

Many of the psychics here are very well conditioned eternal souls. They can predict the future with precision and uncover the past like items from a closet labeled and ready for use or disposal. These sharpened spiritual gifts for example are accrued from the experiences that their souls have been through during past lifetimes. And they have done well during this life time to uncover, revive and reacquaint with the consciousness that they have worked on in the past. It is still accessible and available for use. Many people blindly refuse to accept such truths. The truth exists whether you believe in it or not. The best way to get to know the truth is through devotion (or to de - vote yourself or to be a devotee) to it. Understanding, tolerance and respect for the truth is what can set you or anyone on its path. Use the gifts, opportunities and resources presented to you during this life, not for your own glorification but rather to all the many facets of nature and forms of life that has provided you with them. Think of the bigger picture. The collective betterment and the harmonious way to coexist, aid and achieve the same.

The only watch word to keep in my mind with regards to Karma is Devotion. Devotion not to yourself interest but to whoever or whatever you consider, realize, envision or acknowledge to be the true owners of all the rewards of all your actions. Like I had Zit $$ when I was born I only expect to have Zit $$ when I leave. I know it’s not my money, it was given, it will switch hands and it will be taken. Using and earning rewards that benefit all life, the collective soul and the personal sacrifices you make to make the promise of truth a reality for all is the appropriate engagement in all things Karmic. So is the case with my body. It was that of a small boy it got big because of the food that grew from dust and one day it will surely go back to the material dust that it came from. Act renouncing the fruits of your labor, forget about prize or rewards that will never truly be yours and learn to enjoy the process instead. For it has a spiritual purpose. Take the assistance of one of the psychics or spiritual masters and identify these things like they have. Forget the rewards of Karma, instead dedicate and devote yourself to whatever dear truth it might be that is mysterious, intriguing and unknown to you and your soul. The Truth that calls out to you governs over it all, for sure.

Many of the psychics here have done well in eliminating doubt with their faith and focusing their attention and devotion to what they hold as their sacred Truth. They have their gifts and they surely do try their best to use it in the best way possible. This is admirable and great. At the end of the day we are all just visitors here, let’s make the stay pleasant and productive for everyone. Let’s accomplish the intentions of our visit and not be too obsessive or deluded in staying back and trying to keep what never belonged to us. It might take a lot of life times. And if you do find disciples of Jesus among Christians who seem too good to be true, then remember that they are too good for this world, they have found their spiritual growth and the eventual salvation of their soul in him by merely taking his name in the same faith and earnest that you and I are just as capable of.

If common sense in all five senses and extra sensory perception is your path, then have faith in nature. She won’t betray, she knew Jesus way before anyone else did.

~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan :)