Transcending All Qualities: Why Love pervades All Hearts beyond All bounds :)

                      I've come to believe in Love...... A spiritual quality perhaps or a simple Truth beneath, within and beyond All intelligible expressions. Probably the best religion by far, innately filled with limitless freedom. All of nature including animals, trees and the stars seem to resound with freedom and echo the melody of its simple song :)

                     I've come to believe in it even more so, because it knows no boundaries, requires no qualifications or affiliations. It speaks of no rules, doesn't tell apart between the religious or spiritual, rich or poor... heaven or hell. We can all feel and share in its joy to a certain degree, what ever our state of being or circumstance, when ever and where ever we may be. What I love the most about ' LOVE', is you Preach & Teach it by example. You give unconditionally without a doubt or hesitation with an open and generous heart. And surely someday you'll receive and fulfill the rewards of its promises filled to the brim with hope, joy, strength, fruitfulness, grace and never ending faith. Love is perhaps the best lesson mankind in all his faculties can ever be made aware of. To give it expression is to wonderfully bring to life the many beauties it seamlessly perpetuates in all existence and Life. Love is a big winner, and Life is living proof of its many victories.

Wishing You All a Wonderful & Joyful Holiday Season. May it be one free flowing and filled with the eternal water of Life, called Love.

- Love, Peace & Blessings to You All :)

P.S - I wanted to add some of the feedback I received from my friends on face book, 

Tamara Schilling- Thank you Jai for your lovely words of sacred wisdom ministering through this mystery we call Love.

For most of us, when we boil everything down to it's root, we exist in only 2 states Love or Fear in any given moment...all decisions/choices either stem from a root place of Love or Fear.

Even with that said...truth be told, reaching into the highest realm, all that ever really existed at all was Love... we just could not see it, taste it or grasp it's gauzy, misty, mystical secrets because our eyes were clouded by misperception.

Thank you Jai for your sage description of the indescribable, unnamed existence of all. Much love to you.

Jai Krishna Ponnappan: Hello Tamara, I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season. Thank You so much for sharing with me your very deep and truthful insight. It's amazingly interesting that after several hours of meditation, contemplation, self-reflection and ...introspection this week, the same insight occurred to me over and over again. I'm usually in the habit of writing them all down, but I thank you greatly for having penned them down very clearly for me and my online journal. It's true as you put "we exist in only 2 states Love or Fear in any given moment...all decisions/choices stem either from a root place of Love or Fear. " This applies to almost every relationship personal, professional or otherwise and every circumstance, hardship or sources of joy and celebration, and on almost every scale however imaginably big or small. I discovered from my own personal experience that if we work on and try hard enough, we also do have the beautiful blessing of choice between the two directions at some point or the other. To break down the walls of " Clouded perceptions" as you put it and to break into the joy of Love, is a beautiful and rewarding journey indeed. I thank you so much for your input and your friendship, and I hope to learn a lot more from you. I wish you a wonderful and blessed holiday season filled with Love, Light & Joy. Best Regards, Jai :)