The Body of Love: It hides within it the many Secrets of All Sciences, Understanding, Wisdom and Knowledge.

Uncover the mysteries of the Truth that shines within the Spirit of Love. Trust me, it's easy: Love unconditionally with many selfless sacrifices and you'll be Loved and touched by the sheer brilliance that is Love

The Body of Love hides within it the many Secrets of Science, Wisdom and Knowledge. It says to all Souls,
" You are within me so you are never without me ".

A comment in response to a very well researched and written article by Eric J Leech.

It all goes to show that Science with all its intellectual and logical capacity to cater observation, experimentation, reasoning, invention and innovation is barely able to scratch the surface of Love that manifests itself as an alive and organic emotion. The Science of the Soul and the dynamic manifestations and workings of the Spirit of Love are truly the very foundations of not only all wisdom, knowledge, sciences and creation but also the very source that gels together all of existence and non existence. If you read some of the latest research and scientific advancements published by leading authorities around the world, especially in the fields of astrophysics, quantum mechanics, mathematics and allied bodies of knowledge, you'll be startled at how beautifully deep and ineffable some of the dead end questions and concerns of the ever expanding laws of Science are. Some of the people I've met who live at the very precipice of scientific knowledge are perhaps the most humble and God Loving of Men I've known. You must treat Science and rational thinking as a powerful and blessed tool and a gift meant to be used with a contrite, humble and sincerely seeking heart. Its blessings and promises are many. The world we live in is a living testimony to all that its gifted ways promise however much certain men may corrupt, falsely appropriate and abuse it. Love is not just a Spiritual quality it is a fundamental Truth. Every Soul is always deserving, capable and worthy of partaking in the never ending blissful joys of its limitless mysteries. Let the Spirit of Love come upon you like a spark that lights an eternal flame that burns forth the fire of never ending knowledge. I urge and encourage you to choose the insanity of Love, for it is the wisest and sanest of choices you'll ever make.

Many Blessings, Wisdom, Peace and Knowledge to You ALL.
P.S - Know Love and you'll Know it ALL
~  Jai Krishna Ponnappan :)