Love: It's Sharper, Cuts and Pierces Deeper than Cupid's Arrow


What happens when Cupid aims for your heart and lets loose his arrow?

What happens when any one aims for the heart and the heart gets struck by an arrow? Simple...It starts to bleed. And slowly the body runs out of blood before it meets the inevitable end.

Why does anyone aim especially for the heart?
The easiest way to guarantee death is to go straight for the heart. Hunters, Soldiers, Cops and Cupid all have the same thing on their mind.

Does falling in Love really have to be a fall?....Do I have to fall to Cupid's arrow?
Someday we all will fall. It's inevitable, might as well do it in the process of engaging in something as fruitful as Love. To bleed in the name of Love is an act of sacrifice, it's a brave act of selflessness and it's the ultimate expression and the most beautiful act of Love.

Who else bled in the name of Love?
Jesus the Christ...They call him the 'King of the Jews'. I call Him, that and 'Love's Chosen King'. They say he is born in the blood line of David (Let me repeat that he IS born...He still exists...He never died). Well as you all know David was a warrior (starting from the time he became the little kid who took down Goliath), and was a wise and fierce King. All warriors are expected to brave the battle field, put their lives at stake or shed it with honor, all in the quest to protect their people, to preserve justice and liberty, and to pay the price for peace across the land with their blood and the sacrifice of their flesh. This is perhaps the most predominant of themes I've come across for most warriors across several cultures in human history. This type of sacrifice is the greatest act a mortal man can perform. It is an act of service, an immortal and eternal symbol of his Love. Only a truly loving, deserving and committed King would sacrifice his own flesh in the name of Love and for the salvation of his people. Only a true leader among Men braves, sacrifices and serves all life with Love. Let me remind you that these Men or warriors were made from a nation of Hebrew speaking slaves that came running out of Egypt. God made all Men equal; it breaks the Creator's heart to bear witness to the pain and prayers caused by such senseless injustice, inequality, brutality and cruelty inflicted by one man upon another. It is sad to see that this still exists to this day where some greedy, self centered and corrupt Men find it appropriate to exploit and oppressively burden the fulfillment of their dreams upon others for slavish compensations with the lure of attractive and binding agreements that rob the common man of the very days of his Life. History will tell that God is in the habit of transforming seemingly harmless little shepherd boys like David, shepherds, carpenters and the likes of such men and women into invincible warriors (You read that right ‘MEN AND WOMEN’, they are equals, don't bring wrath upon your selves like Egypt once did, by making slaves for yourselves in the name of Gender, this inequality is the root cause and reason for  several social dysfunctions and issues ).....Anyone who is willing enough to make a sacrifice in the name of Love is a choice warrior in the eyes of providence. Love does transform those who are able and daring enough to take the cut, and bleed in the pursuit of the Immortality of his/her flesh and the eternity of his/her Soul. Love is Eternal. Lovers are Immortals. Both spiritually and physically their emotional and spiritual intelligence continues to perpetuate both creation and their very own beings. Love is truly like an Angelic Spirit. When the Spirit of Love comes and hits, it strikes hard and deep into the Soul! It is the strongest, most powerful and ineffable thing we will ever start to know or be fortunate enough to touch upon as an experience or embark upon as a journey.

So, Is Love really worth the fall to Cupid?
There are two types of people and two states of being in this world, the ones who live in a state of Love and the ones who live in a state of fear. You can tell the lovers of life when they brave the arrow or lift up their cross for the humanity they call their family. And you can tell the cowards when they shy away in fear, excuse and falsely justify their many personal choices for being selfish, or when they indulge in the excesses of greed, lust, possessiveness and anger. It takes an illuminating Soul and the lit heart a fraction of a moment to recognize those that dwell in love apart from those that live in fear. It's like me saying I can sense fear and everything born of it at the speed of thought. Fear grips and constricts the heart before it chains a man down in its vicious bonds. Fear cripples the heart from doing what it is suppose to do which is to help you do what you were enabled and empowered to do. Fear works with and facilitates the growth of other negative emotions. Fear if allowed to grow uses a person as an instrument to manifest and perpetuate itself in many forms such as insecurities, shame, a lack of self worth, abusive habits, egotism, an absence of self respect and an equally visible lack of respect for others, prejudice, greed for power, abuse of authority, a need for manipulative control, and the senseless struggles and unpleasantness that goes with it all. Fear breeds many negatives, and the downward mobility of the very Soul, worst of all it keeps Love from growing and rewarding you with a world full of limitless possibilities. Let the fire of knowledge lit by the flames of Love burn away and keep this fear at bay. Despite all that I see, I still persist in faith and I Love like God has taught me how.

Still is Love the right choice?
When your Lover gives birth to your children, you'll have a reason to live with joy as you watch the seeds of your Love promise to bear the fruits of your legacy, in the very nature of the brave hearts you've both laid in them. Life is too short to be selfish. Life, its many tangibles and illusionary intangibles are all finite, both with a beginning and an end, it passes like a breeze. Make something out of it, be selfless, be brave, be bold, take an arrow and may be more, make this life count by being fruitful. Don't just share your life or the benefits of Love with someone for selfish or self-gratifying or mutually beneficial reasons. Live for Love and be prepared to die for Love. Love with all your heart and with all your Life, not just for your own wife and your own children but for all of humanity and all life. If it isn't worth dying for or if you aren't up to it, it isn't Love it is fear instead that grips your heart. So believe in being tender in giving Love, tough in standing up for Love, grateful in receiving Love and intense in making all of these as unconditional, tirelessly giving and selfless as possible. With every single beat of my heart and with every moment that it ticks to, I thank the eternal Spirit of Love for the unconditional grace it ceaselessly and wonderfully showers and blesses upon all Souls.

Love is the greatest of miracles within the reach of all life, you can only grasp as much as you give. So start giving today, let it flow from your heart to another, it will come back and replenish your Soul with the most beautiful of experiences that will last you an Eternity.   

Wishing You ALL a very Happy Valentine’s Day. Its okay, let that Cupid do his deed. He's only trying to help. There is the promise of great and endless pleasure for the little itty bitty pains and heart aches he may cause you today ;)

P.S ~ My apologies and reasons for writing such a long note: I won’t be surprised to see a day when the divorce rate shoots up to the 100 % mark and the word ‘Marriage’ becomes obsolete or entirely disappears from the dictionary. What worries me is how horrible it will be for the children that come out of such a society where they are deprived of even a fraction of the normal childhood their parents lived. Can we afford to be so selfish and irresponsible with our own future?

~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan :)