Sultana: The Impregnable Ways of Her Loving Soul

Behold the meaning of beauty, a delightful and worthy sight. Behold what even the Supreme turns its gaze to learn from. Among the greatest of gifts is the Spirit of the brave. To be born and to die. To challenge fear and darkness and come alive in between. For this fragile creature has dared to defeat the many faces of fear, and appreciate in its life the force of courage. To accept this legacy is to realize an untold victory. If men will speak of the brave, they will do so with pride because the victor was one among them, more glorious and gentle than the crowned Angels of Heaven. 

~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan   


Sultana: The Impregnable Ways of Her Loving Soul

A Spirit so true, pure and bold
Among the most beautiful of things
All of existence will ever know
A father's pride, a brother's joy and a husband's prize
She lay down in a place of rest and repose
Possessing all the beauty
Personifying ineffable and untold wisdom
Her ways are filled with a multitude of delightful virtues
Like Angels she carries each of them in the womb of her heart
Heaven holds a sense of wonder
How her thoughts can silence a storm
The kiss of her blade
Rains down waves of justice and peace
She moves the waters of the Heavens
As she blesses and nourishes the Earth with the works of her Love
Like a Mother's Loving embrace
Her touch can be gentle, nurturing, kind and humble
Here is an Art no Lightning and thunder can rival....
She will rise again....
Hungry in search of the things she adores
Ready to serve the ones she Loves
Brave and bold her ways are Immortal
Just as her Spirit is Eternal and Endless
She will rise again....
Noble, righteous, strong and virtuous
The Earth will manifest again....
Her most beloved of offspring
Filled with this beautiful, divine and wondrous Spirit
The weight of her footsteps will be welcomed by the Earth
An Age of joyous and delightful relief  
She will usher in with her Love.

~Jai Krishna Ponnappan

P.S ~ This is a poem I wrote today, inspired by the photo of a female warrior posted by my friend Mary Trainor-Brigham on facebook. I dedicate this to her and to all the women of the world. Be bold and you will bloom better and more beautiful than the best of the Earth's most colorful and scented flowers :)