The Truth in You is Always Loved and Guided by the Truth Outside You

               To doubt the Truth is the strongest of temptations, born of fear it is the easiest of sins. Armed with an unshakeable Faith and the illuminating fire of pure and complete knowledge, the Truth in you can come alive and it can come undone from the bonds that chain and tie you down. The battle is yours to win, and this moment is yours to pass through the gates of Eternity. For you my dear friend were made to be so much more than you think you are. Believe me and trust that you are true, that there is Truth in the very nature of your Soul waiting to be lit by the Spirit of Light. Regardless of your past or the choices you make there will always be unconditional Love, Mercy and Grace waiting for whoever you are today or choose to become tomorrow. Always waiting with unending patience to heal and embrace the delightful story that is you. ~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan.

P.S ~ Wishing you All a weekend filled with Love, Light, Joy & Blessings :)