The Unity of Love: We Stand as One, When We Stand in Love

“Be ever faithful to that which exists nowhere but in yourself, and thus make the self in all of us indispensable” ~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan

Everything you want is out there waiting for you. Everything you want also wants you. But only the deepest of passions can know the glory of Love.

Torn by dust and darkness
I see this Light
Between blades of hate
And the lures of lust
I felt its strength
Raise a storm within my Heart
Between blades of hate and endless storms
I began to Live
When I found this Love

Our differences can never define us
They make us whole
They bless us with this Unity
When we stand as one
They bless us with this Unity
When we stand in Love

Entwined together in a moment
A rising Spirit towers through and above
Entwined by a breath of Love
Our Souls cry out in Joy
A strange Truth Speaks
To weary and worn but familiar Souls
Passing seamless and endless
Shattering through the veil that covers our Hearts
We feel its message
Light the lamp of Love

In Love the worst of misfortunes
Is worth the sweetest of treasures
To Love this way is to Live in Eternal Bliss
In Love the worst of pains
Is worth the blessings of birth…..a life renewed…..a Soul reborn
We become this treasure….. When we become this Love

 Wishing Heartfelt Love & Blessings to You All
~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan :)