" To love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in all others. "

Love is Unconditional. Love Flows, it Flies Free and High
                       A very Happy Valentines day to you all. This is a comment in response to a very interesting and enlightening post by our friend and admired author Dennis Lewis on facebook,

"Self-knowledge and self-transformation begin the very moment we see our inattentiveness and carelessness toward ourselves and what we are doing. If we can remain open to its significance without excusing or defending ourselves, it is this experience of impartial seeing that helps awaken us and bring us into a more honest relationship with ourselves and others" ~ Dennis Lewis

 My response, 

                        A lot of the time awareness, attentiveness, care, concentration and the knowledge, transformation, awakening and the self realization that comes with it is purely determined by the intensity, drive, faith, courage, Love and the determination of the intelligence behind it all. I think there is a strong tendency for many eager people these days to pursue such things by the means of the mind, the senses and to some extent the heart alone but it would really help if people could go beyond these sensual things and mundane experiences and enter into the realms of Spirituality and come to know that they will always have a Soul and a Spirit and its powerful intelligence that pervades the rest of their being. Its ever evolving eternal existence will always remain awake in them.. although they might be unaware, asleep or half awake to the reality of the True Self that defines them, their identity and everything else they have always been, are and continue to be. People often seem to be asleep, blind, half awake or kind of dead. That's why they say when a wise man talks to some one he listens to their words but is ever attentive to the Soul that speaks from the heart and shines through the very depths of another's eyes. The goal through life should always be, to awaken to these things, then stay meditated, rooted and poised, aware and alive in them and strengthen the quality and the intensity of such things as drive(of the Human Will), Faith, Courage, Love and the Determination of the intelligence of the Soul and its Spirit. The imperishable is what you always are that is your true essence, it longs to grow and get better through the beautiful and colorful experiences of Life. And yes, nothing, no creature, no place, no object and no one in this world is void of a Soul, a Spirit and these beautiful energies that we're all so easily inclined to be blind to. It takes a little effort and a little help to sow the seeds of intelligence and awaken all Souls; it's only a question of time, the moment when everything falls into its rightful place. Thank you Dennis, for some really beautiful, helpful, encouraging and eye opening posts."

Wishing you All Love, Light and the very best of blessings this day.
Remember you are LOVE, your Life is but an expression of its WILL.

Best Regards,
~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan

Love Dreamt of You,  
So Let this Dream Fly Free & High.