We Stand as One In Your Embrace

Dedicated In the Loving Memory of Our Sister. 
May You Heal. 
May God Bless Your Soul.

A Nation Mourns: Delhi gang rape victim dies after battling for life for over 12 days

We Stand as One in Your Embrace

You have Passed on to a Better Place.
We stand as one with tears in our eyes,
These tears from our hearts.. so heavy, so torn,
We stand as one In a world so cold, numb and grey.

We haven't met but I picture You now,
A Soul so full of grace, 
A Heart so full of Love.
So blessed in Peace, with Your Dignity restored.

Your Sacrifice is a call to us all,
A call to redeem the respect and lost glory,
These Sacred virtues.. of Women everywhere,
We stand as one, As we seek our lost sense of Humanity.

Dear Sister, You are Free,
Free of Pain, You are not alone, for We stand as one,
I picture You now, 
among Angels You stand to guard us from above.

We Stand as One in Your Embrace,
You Heal us now, You Redeem us in this Love,
Our Hopes rest in You, 
Dear Sister, We carry You.. 
...so cherished, revered and loved in our Hearts.

Dear Sister, Forgive us.. 
Dear Sister, Remember us ...

~ by Jai Krishna Ponnappan