The Grass is ALWAYS Green: A Shift in Perspective is All it Takes

We Live in a World Blessed with Abundance. Our Future is what we make of it.

We Live in a World Blessed with Abundance. Our Future is what we make of it.

For many of my friends across several industries, I know its been a recessive if not dull economy to say the least. I wanted to share this comment I posted in response to an entry on forbes about how people can successfully multitask between projects, professions and entire careers.

         Stepping into the shoes of a free agent and creating your own future abundance is an art in itself. It requires almost a 180 degree change in perspective and attitude, to be able to successfully transition from a regular professional engagement or commitment. You become your own Institution in a way, and are more or less responsible for yourself and the success of the businesses, people or groups you associate with. Many people pursue the role of a Free Agent or Business Free lancer, keeping their day jobs. It all depends on how well you manage and master your resources, your time in particular, and most importantly yourself. The trend is mainly so because it helps individuals grow and become more rounded, resourceful, multi faceted, self sufficient, reliable and promising. Some of the keys I've been able to learn from my own personal experience and those of close friends, consultants and consultancy firms, who've been successful, is to definitely create a sense of balance in all your efforts and expectations. Honest and dedicated practice makes perfect. Setbacks and disappointments should be treated as stepping stones, valuable lessons and new opportunities for improvement and growth.  Not all circumstances, developments and market conditions can be expected to be within our grasp, comprehension or control, and this is when and where you are most likely to gain the skill of adaptability, patience and perseverance, to try your best to stay on top of the game. Becoming a Business Free lancer or Free agent involves developing a very strong work ethic, this really is well and truly an incremental process that guarantees slow but solid growth on many levels. Making things like planning, time management, resource management, meticulously preparing for future advancements, visions, missions and tracking tangible progress, ought to be made an everyday habit akin to second nature; even way before you can start reaping the rewards of your undertakings. Contract based and Technology enabled business opportunities are plentiful even in a dull economy. This is usually the trend and the norm globally for most Free Lancers across several industries and lines of business.  The key is to continually develop and expand your skill set, and to make parallel efforts to market yourself, and to measure up, scale and compete with the best there is. Social and professional networking and constantly developing proactive interpersonal skills are a must have. A little extra research, oversight and planning never hurts. Committing yourself to constantly researching, attending workshops, seminars, webinars, interviewing experts, associating with successful individuals and joining relevant local organizations are some among the many things that can help you get started before you launch into becoming the person who makes good business happen. Experiences both good and bad, and those with it, are just as valuable as any other asset could be. Performing regular rain checks in personal analysis and assessment along with open, honest and realistic zero point thinking also helps a great deal. Pursuing such an approach to your career and facing and surmounting such challenges really helps build character, levelheadedness, moderation in habits, thoughts and behavior, tempering of the senses and emotions, equipoise, a sense of direction and calm in both the good times and the bad. Success and failure may mean different things to different people but at the end of the day its the dedicated, determined and selfless sense of duty and purpose, the effort, the process and the experience that adds real value and quality to life. Experience gained from each project, contract or undertaking is by far the best teacher there is, and experience only happens when you make it happen.

Thanks again to Amanda for writing her entry on forbes, I am sure that many people will benefit from it. The grass is ALWAYS is only a simple change in perspective that can do the trick.

Happy holidays to you, my fellow readers, contributors and the team at Forbes.

- Jai Krishna Ponnappan :)