The Word was God

            Mightier and sharper than the sword the pen is the tongue of a man's mind...a powerful tool of craft bestowed upon the thoughts that take birth and travel in and out of his mind. It manifests, shapes and breathes new life into the inner being of his Soul and penetrates to expand every form of his intelligence to unworldly heights. The power of speech creates new worlds, spawns visions, adds to the collective human intellect, builds bridges across Heaven and Earth, and propels civilizations into the unseen future with every stroke. How and why you use your words dictate and spell out when, where and how Nature and the Universe responds, accommodates and relates to you.

           Words... use them to the fullest, spell them out with freedom and ink them with Love, respect, responsibility and selfless care. But make sure you don't live a life without their many Heaven sent creative, nurturing and life giving blessings ~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan :)