The Promise of A Triumphant Spring…..

The Promise of A Triumphant Spring…..

In order to respond, one should become like a mirror. A mirror just reflects; it is never touched or tainted by the images 

Every Spring bursts forth 
with delightful songs of renewal, 
Armed With Love and Life 
for the passions of its Beloved, 
May She come with the song of our glory,
To Wax that expansive Green Heart’s bright Horizon 
And Our One and only Omniscient Forest’s joy,

For Trees on the mountains 
though blasted and cold,
And the rocks in the desert 
send out whispers untold….. 

A cry this Mother hears.. 
Her spirit so free and ever caring, 
Attentive and aroused 
by strong passions and desirous longings,

She stumbles upon this call,
Seeking in her many yearnings.. 
To reply to the gentle Voices of Hibernia,

This My Dear Friend, is thus the Tale of True Triumph and Harmony,
An old lore armed with potent Nectar,
The Bliss of True Love 
born in the deepest of Flowers
A Miracle that makes the Oceans roll 
and the Mountains rise from the bottom less depths…..

A Cycle that Dispels our deepest desolations 
With its Endless and Ineffable Truth. 
A Truth that stills Hearts that are the Bravest 
And bless All among the best of  Nations,

Shall Glory and life abound 
In this the Song of songs.
For it keeps a record of those, the True at Heart,
It keeps its  Vows Strong, Nurtured and Nourished

Entwine in the resonance of this joyful song
Relish in the many Melodies of this Spirit’s Freedom, 
A pause can’t keep Her from Breathing
No stones in Her path can keep her from Singing
For She is led by the Reverberations, 
A Kind Look,
and the Divinity that reaches down and touches her Heart.....

I Wish You All
Blessings of Awakening, Renewal and Love

Heartfelt Regards,
Jai Krishna Ponnappan :)