If we ignore the Soul, we will never be able to impress ourselves

My Dad often sends me these personal messages and words of advice. This is an insightful reminder I received from Him earlier today. I thought that a lot of people I meet and some of my young and close friends in particular might benefit from such sage, noble and humbling advice. 

           ' If we ignore the Soul, focus only on materialistic goals and build our lives on the foundation of this “transactional faith”, we will never be able to impress ourselves or the world for long. We can never ever enjoy permanent peace, happiness or contentment. God is impressed with us only when we live with a constant awareness of the true purpose of our lives. There is an enlightening story that illustrates this.  Once, a billionaire who had spent most of his life accomplishing worldly goals, died and his soul stood before God, God looked at him and asked, “My dear child, you have been away for many years.  How have you spent your life? What have you done to impress Me?  The billionaire proudly said, “God, I impressed thousands of people and became very famous.” God asked, “Where is your fame now?” The rich man replied,”Sorry God, I lived it and left it behind.” God asked, “What happened to your property and wealth?”.  The billionaire said, “Now that you ask me, I could n’t bring them either.  My once handsome body is also burnt to ashes.” God smiled and said, “The only thing that you can bring back here is the love engraved on your Soul. I sent you to Earth with a huge treasury of love. What did you do to bring out this love? How many tears did you wipe and how many hearts did you heal? How many people did you share your wealth with? The billionaire sadly said, “I was so busy with my own work that I had very little time for anything else.  Now I have nothing to offer you.”

    If we spend all our time in fulfilling our own personal needs and ambitions, we forget the very purpose of life.  Our Soul remains like a blank CD with no impressions on it.  What is impressed on the Soul is what we express outside.  The deeper the impression, the more Divine is the expression.  As we meditate every day, we create an impression  of Selfless Love on our Soul and waves of joy and contentment flow from us to envelop us as well as the world.  A sense of faith and belief based on a deep trust in our Self is ignited in us.  Then we will never waste time trying to impress anybody.  We will simply shower them with Unconditional Love and the way we look at life will change drastically.

The source of Love is an endless fountain waiting to be discovered and resurrected deep within our Souls and we can only begin to help others realize a lot of  the happiness, bliss and joy that springs from this Loving Spirit if we start and devotedly stay grounded to the Truth that is within.  '


Love & Regards.



P.S ~ I Can Never Thank & Love My Dad Enough ! I am barely beginning to look like I have a fraction of His Courage, Kindness, Generosity, Morals, Tolerance, Wisdom, Bravery, Faith, Discipline, Patience, Intuition and Tireless Strength. Taking on the semblance of Your Strong Impressions, Your Character and Guidance has been both my necessity and good fortune in this day, place and age.....I am still exploring and engaging my talents and blessings but I have had to learn and accept that Truth and Purpose, Kindness, Love, and Wisdom they all well and truly surpass anything and everything else that this World and Life has to offer.


Love & Regards,
Jai Krishna Ponnappan :)